Jump Boots WWII-Korean War



Jump Boots World War Two or Korean War. Original 9 1/2 .


Condition: Used/Well worn, one small hole pictured, there are better boots out there for sure, but you’ll pay better boot prices. The Green Unserviceability Tag lets you know what’s up. But if you’re an optimist like me some boot polish and plenty of elbow grease could bring them back to life.


History: The boots were very popular with the Airborne units, providing a strong, military look that was distinctively different from boots worn by other units, symbols of the paratrooper’s elite status. The boots did as much for paratrooper morale as they did for their feet. The Airborne troops tucked their trousers into their boot tops to show the maximum boot, more for appearance than for any other reason. These boots remained officially in service until the paratrooper uniforms and boots were merged with other Infantry uniforms in late 1944.