German World War Two Costal Artillery Unit Photo Album




This photo album is in great shape, sadly someone has plundered most of the pictures from it at some point in time, one was left though.

Unit specific photo album from a Costal Artillery Battery stationed in Denmark.


Formed 4.41 in Hansted (Denmark) from the companies Hanstholm, Thyborönand Agger (all ex- Marine-Artillerie-Abteilung 509), with 4 companies:

  • 1./MAA 118 (Hanstholm I) with 170mm guns
  • 2./MAA 118 (Hanstholm II) with four 380mm guns (ex-danish)
  • 3./MAA 118 (Agger) with 120mm guns
  • 4./MAA 118 with Flak, but from 7.42 was Stabsbatterie)

Unique item the first we have run across. Don’t miss out on this one.